My invitation

Hi friends,

I have begun a blog! Honestly, I’m still feeling a bit sheepish about it–does the world really need another blog? Maybe not, but I think it’s important for me to speak a bit more often and if you like what I have to say, then maybe I’ll get a few readers.
I’m focusing the blog itself on things I’ve noticed that point me towards God. (I feel a bit like Andy Rooney; “Did you ever wonder why…?”) But noticing things is big part of my walk with God right now. Noticing helps me to remember his presence throughout the day, to give thanks and praise to Jesus. So writing about the things I’ve noticed only reinforces that.
I cop to two ulterior motives. First of all, most of you know I’ve completed training in spiritual direction through the Christos Center. I would like to be offering more spiritual direction and am feeling a strong call by God to act;  to do things that will make me better known as someone who offers spiritual direction, but also to act in ways that support that vocation. A lot of spiritual direction is about noticing what God is doing in and through our daily lives. So blogging about these things not only allows me to practice what I’ve learned on myself, but also model one of the things that can happen for people who use spiritual direction or companioning as a spiritual discipline.
Secondly, I like to write and would love to get some freelance writing jobs. If I’m going to get any of those elusive jobs, I need writing samples! So, I write. My dear friends who are writers and editors, please feel free to send me any criticisms from grammar to “hey, your logic here doesn’t make sense.” I’m also very open to having this work used in other publications, with permission, of course.
My intent is to post two – three times a week; we’ll see how that goes, but so far, I’m not lacking for material! As you can see it’s also my intent that these posts be short. I want people to be able to read each post through quickly and then decide if there’s anything there worth ruminating on.
Hope you enjoy reading it and find things there that help you to notice God throughout your day.
Today’s post is for Ash Wednesday:
But honestly my favorite so far is about Roxie, our Corgi pup:
BTW – If you have a blog, please remind me! There’s a place in wordpress to keep track of them and I want to be able to keep a list on my own blog if I can figure out how to make that happen.

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