Infinite patience

Today, as I was taking Roxie for her morning walk, she discovered a nice, big, smelly mound of goose poo. Farm-fresh poo, you might say, grass-green, sticky and oh-so aromatic. Yes, she rolled in it and got bright green streaks in her beautiful coat.

With John holding his nose and the leash, I made for the bathroom, picking up our nice white bathmat and summoning the dog. At first she was excited to be in the bathroom, but when she realized she was going to get a bath, she backed away surprisingly fast. Thankfully John was behind her. She smelled so bad, John turned on the bathroom fan, handed me the shampoo and left (for his appointment), leaving me alone with the the little stinker.

Surprisingly, as I washed our unhappy pooch I wasn’t angry or upset. I  looked into Roxie’s eyes which were full of sadness and was sad with her. I apologized for having to bathe her. I adjusted the temperature until she wasn’t backing away when I dumped water on her. I kept washing her until all the green goo was out of her coat–three shampoos and rinses. I kept telling her what a good girl she was and felt her discomfort with her.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a different reaction. Roxie & I were out for her walk and I was hurrying her along. She kept finding things to smell and chew and I had an appointment to get to. “Let’s go!” I’d say through clenched teeth, and when we were a few feet from the back door I yelled at her and jerked her inside.

Maybe today’s unscheduled bath is a gift from God to remind me that his patience is always available from him. To take a deep breath and accept that the circumstances I’ve just been handed are from him and that with his help I can not just get through them, but maybe minister to someone else in them.

Roxie's method of drying off after her bath--rolling on the kitchen carpet.

Roxie is just fine now. Unlike a couple of weeks ago, when she wouldn’t allow me to hold her after yelling, today she is sitting at my feet, making my socks damp with her still-damp fur. We plan to go for a walk this afternoon, although I think we’ll stick to the sidewalks.


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