Beauty and our heart’s desire

Yesterday, I listened to a woman talk about a long-held and unfulfilled desire, a desire of the heart that transformed her as I watched. Suddenly I could see her beauty and there was a youthfulness that came into her face. The change was startling.

It can be so hard to live with unfulfilled desires–the desire for love, for marriage, for a vocation. They are painful to live with when they are unfulfilled so we bury them to avoid tending them, trying to keep them alive by our own efforts. Sometimes we even forget they existed, preferring the hard landscape we see to be without them, rather allowing them a partial existence.

Keeping a desire alive is not our work; it is the Lord’s: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” –Psalm 37:4  Delighting in him is what will keep the desire alive–or allow it to die without making us bitter. Delighting in God will always bring beauty; the reanimation of a desire thought dead is a source of joy, beauty is the outcome of being delighted in.

Contemplate what the Lord has done for you; express your gratitude for it, let it lead you to delight in him.


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