Monday of Holy Week

Today in Jesus’ life, he was hungry so went to pick a fig. When he didn’t find it, he cursed the fig tree. Then he went into Jerusalem and drove off the marketers and salespeople from within the temple for a second time. He left the city at night which is a good thing–the religious leaders were actively seeking to kill him. –Mark 11

It’s not a lot that is recorded for this day in Holy Week, but what I see seems tinged with black, like tunnel vision just before passing out. Jesus knew he was in his final days walking with his disciples. He knew he would die while in Jerusalem. He knew the mode of execution; he kept reiterating all of this to his disciples. Yet they’re arguing about which of them is the greatest. They’re excited–he’s doing all the things a good Messiah should do–and they’re afraid (see Mark 10). Despite the fact Jesus keeps telling them he’ll die and rise up, they can’t wrap their minds around it. Seeing him cleanse the temple must have given them hope in their own conceptions of what a Messiah does; seeing him cleanse the temple gave them a greater ability to ignore what he said and focus on what they thought he should do.

There is a dissonance to this day of Holy Week. Jesus’ death predictions stand in stark contrast to the cheering of the triumphal entry. Clearly, these two things will clash and I want the cheering to win. It will, but not in the way the disciples expect, nor as I would prefer.

Something’s going to happen. Watch and wait.


One thought on “Monday of Holy Week

  1. Betty Heanssler

    Amen. If we could be God would we have what it takes to let things play out as they should, or make things easier for “our son”…….as a Mother, I’d always want to make things easier for my son. Thank God I’m NOT God………


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