God in the job hunt

I’ve just completed submitting two job applications. I find the process of looking for a job really nerve wracking. There is so little human interaction in the process of looking for working any more! I feel as though I am feeding my resume into a machine, hoping it has the right combinations of holes punched to cause some mechanism to unlock so that my resume will actually end up in front of the eyes of another human being. Every time I look at my resume, I feel the need to tweak it–sure this is what this employer would want to see–and I always find mistakes from the last round of revisions. Do these hanging chads caught the great machine to choke? Is my ballot thrown out? Or did I not punch the right combination of holes to begin with?

For some reason it’s easier for me to see God in nature, the organic world. Computers seem antithetical to God; part of me believes he cannot act through the machine. My mind and theology tell me otherwise–God is sovereign over all, plant and punchcard.

These thoughts bring to mind this: In one of Frank Peretti’s books (who remembers This Present Darkness?) I remember a scene where the Forces of Good are guarding over a letter that must be delivered. Somewhere along the line of the post office “machine” the enemy succeeds in moving the letter out of line–even if it is forgotten for a day, it will be too late. Yet somehow the Forces of Good manage–and I honestly don’t remember how–to get that letter back where it needed to be to get delivered on time. This is a hopeful thing to me. Even though it was not a computerized machine, it was a machine, a process and the Lord’s will was accomplished through it and even in spite of direct tampering.

Lord, bless the works of my hands this morning, hanging chads and all and let me trust you for the outcome you desire for me in it. Amen.


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