Right now I am sitting in a light-filled room, sunlight pouring in through a skylight and warming my legs. Despite the location of this room–a doctor’s office–the light is working its magic on me, calming me, warming me, relaxing me, filling me with peace.*

Recently I’ve been personally aware of light as a description or indication of God’s presence. This spring as I’ve taken walks with Roxie, I’ve been very aware of how the sun hitting my skin and as it has warmed I’ve felt warmed by God’s presence. Or gardening, the heat on my back, watering the herb bed, watching the growth of my plants reaching for the sun, feeling completely immersed in the present, in unity with nature and God. And how often have you sat in a worship service in a direct beam of sunlight and felt God’s presence more strongly because of it?

In prayer light can be an important sign to us. Insight or healing can come with a sense of being surrounded by light, having our situation illuminated by a direct source of light or by a light that seems to be everywhere all at once. We talk about the words of scripture “burning” within us; when monks of old used to copy scripture, the decorated it in ornate ways and this was called illumination. And think about how little light it actually takes to illuminate a dark place.

If you find yourself naturally sensitive to light, consider how you might allow it to remind you of the presence of God.

Lord, be my light today. Let the illumination, the warmth, the heat all remind me of different aspects of who you are. Let me be a beacon of your light in this world, illuminated by your presence. Amen.

* OK, I cop. I started this post last week.


2 thoughts on “Light

  1. Betty Heanssler

    Love this, especially since light – especially in the form of sunlight is so important to me. I literally feel light the herbs in your little garden reaching for the sun – wonderful! It IS God’s presence in a very real way. As humans we all respond to light,but some of us are more responsive….light is, after all, necessary for life!


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