Thankful for

…Thankful for an excellent family camping trip with John’s extended family.
…Thankful for two excellent games of Settlers of Catan, which most of the family participated in, in one way or another.
…Thankful for good food that I didn’t have to cook.
…Thankful for quiet mornings sitting outside our hotel room overlooking the Iowa farmland, enjoying the breeze.
…Thankful things I was looking forward to doing coincided with things other people wanted to do; thankful for the peace of kite flying.
…Thankful for progress on my sweater and that the continental method of knitting is starting to stick.
…Thankful Molly and Roxie got along–eventually.
…Thankful for a break from everyday life.
…Thankful for our plant waterer while gone and our dog walker today.
…Thankful for John’s exuberance at the starry sky.
…Thankful for fullness of life.

give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. —Psalm 86:12


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