Eggplant (left) and pepper are perking up from last night’s rain.

We have finally gotten rain. Our last rain was a smattering of drops earlier this week. The last rain prior to that was weeks ago. The rain is welcome.

The rain is a relief. During Evening Prayer at our home last night we began seeing flashes of lightning, began hearing chords of thunder. Towards the end of our time together the rain came. We were able to thank the Lord together for the rain and our guest ran hooting to her car afterwards, rejecting our offer of an umbrella.

At first we thought the rain would stop as quickly as it came. As we watched it move we saw it strengthen, then die back. But it continued to rain, the steady soaking kind that farmers love, that I love for deeply watering my almost dead tomato plant and my thirsty eggplant and peppers.

The rain continued throughout the night, sometimes stopping completely, but the thunder growling and lightning flashing to let us know it wasn’t done with us yet. Sometimes it rained hard enough for me to hear water flowing through our gutters, our sump pump sometimes switching on.

Today I walked Roxie under cloudy skies with water drops occasionally cooling us. The air is close with humidity, but it is so much cooler than it was we don’t care. John even is content to stay in the house without the air conditioning on.

Who knew rain after so long a drought could have such an affect on the modern, indoor-dwelling human? The rain soothes us, revives us, helps us to let go of some kind of tension we didn’t even know we were carrying because of the heat.

As I write, I hear again the sound of rain on the roof, gentle, sporadic, another welcome addition to what has already been given.

Thank you, Lord, for watering the thirsty earth and reviving our souls with this generous gift. Let us take in your presence as deeply as the earth takes in this water; let our souls remember the relief we find in your presence.


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