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The glory of God displayed in nature.

I’ve been ruminating on this quote recently–it is a rich one. it’s reframing the way I see tithing, moving it out of the realm of the obligatory into the scope of worship. It’s helping me to see more clearly that those things I do in service to the Lord and my neighbor are also acts of worship–and a giving of my first fruits. As a bonus, it speaks to my soul about creative acts and how in creating, we imitate our creator. 



“Man offers the first-fruits of his labour to the Creator of everything in the universe, stars and cornstalks and grains of dust. This is not to say however that man is simply a brutish breaker of furrows, but he labours well in a variety of trades also, with stone and with loom and with oar and with hard and with law-book and with sweet ordering of words and with prism, towards some end which is likewise a kind of harvest. Well he knows that he could not call himself man at all unless he labours all his time under the sun to encompass the end for which his faculties were given to him. This end, whatever the nature of his occupation, is his harvest time; and he would be a poor labourer that would not wish, among all that broken gold, to offer back a tithe or a hundredth into the hands that formed the original fecund dust.”

George Mackay BrownMagnus, as quoted in Celtic Daily Prayer, pg 747.

Lord, let me to see you so clearly as I labor in this life that I cannot help but worship you, imitate you and give you back a measure of what is yours to proclaim your glorious name. Amen.


5 thoughts on “First-fruits

  1. Betty Heanssler

    So true! I think that’s why I’ve always enjoyed being outside so much, working in the dirt in the garden, riding the 4 wheeler, etc…..when you’re out IN creation, it surely brings to mind the Creator! And you’ve got such a terrific spot (the park) to enjoy that creation. Also, when we make jelly or knit hats, that creation does the same thing! love you!


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