A little Christmas quiet

ScripturePrayersCoverDear friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support of me and this blog. As I close in on a year as a blogger, I’m conscious of the discouragement that I’ve struggled with that you, my dedicated readers, have always talked me out of. Thank you for your encouragement in both my writing and in keeping this commitment  My heart “takes courage” when I think about it.

Last year I noted the lack of devotional materials for right around Christmas. Most of my daily prayer books didn’t offer any kind of special meditations on the meaning of Immanuel–God with Us–to have come right on Christmas day. So I compiled a few scripture readings and prayers for my own use, made them available to you and was once again encouraged by you!

So I offer them again this year in a nice, neat PDF format with a decent layout and cover. (It always helps me to read something that is well designed.) I hope you and your family are able to make use of them.

May God grant you many times over the encouragement you have heaped on me in this year. Have a blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas.


Download ScripturePrayersForChristmas.pdf


3 thoughts on “A little Christmas quiet

  1. Betty Heanssler

    Thank you Daughter for your encouraging words during this year. Please do keep your Blog going, it’s much needed in this world. It will grow………..


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