Are you still out there?

Hey friend,

How’s it going? I know I’ve been out of pocket. I’ve started a new job at my church, which I knew would be consuming, but of course the reality is never what you expected–even though I’ve done it before! I’m still working the two (or is it three?) other jobs so juggling my life has gotten even more “interesting,” to put it mildly! The spaces that I had before to sit down and write you don’t exist any more. I’ve missed you! I don’t like feeling out-of-touch.

That lack of space has definitely affected my times with God, too. My whole “paying attention” deal gets harder when there are more things in your life demanding your attention. I have to purposefully shove back and clear space to meet with God, ignoring the distractions, turning off the phone, the computer, ignoring Roxie’s stare (she ALWAYS wants a walk). It feels artificial somehow to meet God in this way; I’m not able to “get in the mood” to talk to God. I just have to be there in whatever state I’m in, which lately has been frazzled and preoccupied.

Snow always turns my thoughts to God. (Remember my last post?) I’m grateful for the past week, where the lake-effect machine has been in gear. We haven’t gotten tons of snow–often just half an inch or so each time the wind changes–but to turn my head and gaze out the window and see the flakes fall lifts my heart and I find myself praising God. He has his ways of getting our attention, doesn’t he? It’s so strange that such quiet thing captures my attention and turns my thoughts to Him. It’s snowing now. Can you tell by my writing? I get all poetic when it snows.

I wonder if the intentional clearing of space for God actually prepares me to receive that gift of praise when the snow falls into my consciousness?

I’m glad you’ve stuck with me through this dry time. Of course I’m going to try and do better about writing, but it’s probably best for me to prioritize my relationship with God. I want to be a good friend to you and that means befriending Jesus.

The snow is slacking off. I’m going to stop now and let to warm my insides with joy before it stops altogether.

Stay in touch!



4 thoughts on “Are you still out there?

  1. Betty Heanssler

    I’m so glad snowfall affects you in such a lovely way. I’d rather be in the sun getting toasted to my bones and feel God’s earth running through my fingers….then watch the garden grow. You certainly do make the snowfall mean something wonderful. Glad you’re “online” again. love you, ma

  2. Joan

    Wow…could I ever relate to what you were saying: from the peacefulness and the quiet of snow falling to the difficulty finding mentally free time with God when there are so many to-dos pressing in. I am glad you included the link to Roxie, too. Is was a good word for me tonight..
    Love, Joan

  3. charis

    Lisa, the 3 times we’ve had little snow flurries I feel so excited, I want to light a candle in the winter-dark daytime and just stare! I’m curious what you’re doing at church, and how much of your week it takes up. ‘Thought of you Tuesday when I was with WaiChin for a session. : )

    1. Lisa Traylor Post author

      Hey Charis – I’ve started working for LOC. It’s supposed to be 5 hrs a week; right now it’s holding steady at around 10, which I kinda expected. But it makes a big difference to be paid for it–helps tremendously. I’m glad I’m not the only person who gets giddy at snow!


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