Wherein I encourage myself


candles (Photo credit: rogerglenn)

This is a busy week, spiritually speaking. Tomorrow night is my house group, on Thursday our bishop is visiting and Saturday we’re having a women’s retreat, which I’m doing some teaching for.

And I’m sitting here scrolling through my blog.

I started scrolling originally because I thought there might be some material I here could recycle for my talk on Saturday (I’ll be doing a little teaching on spiritual disciplines) but instead I find myself captivated by what I’ve written. Some of it is good–very good–some of it not so much. But there is a thread of the Spirit there, bright and strong, even when I’m discouraged at the time. There it is, Christ in me and he is marvelous in my eyes.

I’m not typically one of those people who re-reads what they write. Even though I have journalled a great deal as an adult, my journals are snapshots of my struggles. God is at work, yes, but sometimes it’s just me telling myself that as I thrash around, entangled in my own sin or human limitations.

Here I have written about what I have learned–learned deeply–from God. Reading older entries reveals God as he has revealed himself to me in the middle of my own mundane life. Through the mundane he sparkles and dances, leaps from the screen. I am carrying the light of Christ, and this is my lampstand.

This past Sunday Fr. Eirik shared a quote from Michael Ramsey; “There are people who make God near. That’s the marvelous thing that we do to one another.”

I hope that some of what been published here has made God near to you. Glory be to God, who can do infinitely more than we ask or imagine!


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