foliagehatThose of you who are my friends on Facebook will recognize some of the images in this post. As September and the end of summer approached, I decided to do something I’m really bad at–namely, finish some projects.

I’m not sure why I’m so bad at completing things. When I was in college, I came across a Charlie Peacock song called “Finishing Mood.” He describes my attitude exactly:

All my good ideas are so grand and complicated.
Maybe they have no endings
Only beginnings
I’m not in a finishing mood, no, no, no, no
I’m not in a finishing mood.*

Deadlines help me to finish things, so things without a deadline languish. There’s a quilt whose squares I completed but never got any farther with it. I gave them to my mother, an avid quilter and as far as I know, she’s never completed it either.

This must be a symptom of being a person who lives too much in their head. Envision a thing complete and you already have the satisfaction of it being done, without the work. So, my challenge to myself these past few weeks has been to complete things and find satisfaction in their completion. After all, there are benefits to completing things: A comfortable place to sit on your front porch. A gift for a friend. The pleasure of the feel of a thing. Complements!

Spiritual discipline? Maybe not, but definitely a growth edge for me, and important for some reason I can’t yet name.


*Read more:
LetsSingIt – Your favorite Music Community

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