shutting down…opening up

Hello friends,

Despite NaBloPoMo I’m sure you’ve noticed not too many posts here. Well, part of the reason for that is here: This will be my new personal blog site, and while it’s not yet completely finished, I’m going to begin doing all my publishing there pronto.

This means changes are in store for you! If you’re on my list to receive email notification of new blog posts, I’ll be switching to an outside mailing list for that and sending 1-2 emails a week regardless of how frequently I’m posting. Hopefully that will help you not to be flooded with emails when I’m in a publishing mood.

If you’re a WordPress Follower of my blog, I’d encourage you to visit the new site and start following me there.

I will eventually set up a redirect, but my pockets “to let” right now from all the hosting costs…maybe next month.

I have posted a short reflection on the new site already. Make sure & comment and let me know what you think so far!



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