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I'm a spiritual director and companion, a practical mystic trying to get infused by God like a teabag in hot water. I'm a creative communicator, blogging, tweeting making lots of printed stuff. I'm learning to embrace frivolity, joy, and creativity and getting practical about blessing everyone around me.

shutting down…opening up

Hello friends,

Despite NaBloPoMo I’m sure you’ve noticed not too many posts here. Well, part of the reason for that is here: This will be my new personal blog site, and while it’s not yet completely finished, I’m going to begin doing all my publishing there pronto.

This means changes are in store for you! If you’re on my list to receive email notification of new blog posts, I’ll be switching to an outside mailing list for that and sending 1-2 emails a week regardless of how frequently I’m posting. Hopefully that will help you not to be flooded with emails when I’m in a publishing mood.

If you’re a WordPress Follower of my blog, I’d encourage you to visit the new site and start following me there.

I will eventually set up a redirect, but my pockets “to let” right now from all the hosting costs…maybe next month.

I have posted a short reflection on the new site already. Make sure & comment and let me know what you think so far!





Phil 4-13



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i know the plans



Is your future filled with hope? Pray that God will give you peace in place of your disasters.

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sneak peak at my new business

I have to say, it’s been a bear to post something to my blog each day! Especially since I’ve ended up with far more work than I was expecting at this time of year–an excellent problem to have!

Since I am doing tons of writing for my new business, I thought I’d share my “introduction.” I’d love feedback of all sorts–grammar corrections, clarifying questions, rephrasing…go nuts. And if you feel you might be able to use my services, or want to suggest a niche I might like to target, please contact me. 

Traylor Creative Vision: To provide affordable, semi-custom, effective communications tools and training to churches, non-profits and small businesses.

You’re a church, non-profit or small business trying to get attention in a marketplace full of custom corporate websites and pre-fab web solutions. The good news is that the Internet levels the playing field between you and other organizations. The bad news is you don’t have any more time to figure out how to take advantage of that than the CEO of some million-dollar corporation. What does he do? He hires someone else to do it for him. You can too! Enter Traylor Creative.

At Traylor Creative we specialize in semi-custom communications solutions for your small business. We focus your communications capital on the places you’re most likely to see results and teach you how to do it yourself—or you can hire us to do it for you. We will build a communications strategy for you that takes advantage of the people and skills you already have in place, playing to your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

We offer a wide range of web-based and print services, all focused on the most important places for you to have presence.

Stop spinning your wheels on your communications strategy! Contact us today for a complementary consultation.

prayer from where I’m at

Lord, I’m tired, worn out and if i’m honest, a little scared. There seems to be so much you are calling me into–it looks like too much for me to handle. But I can’t deny you’ve given it to me. It’s huge and awkward, like an over-sized beach ball, but it’s not heavy. In my quiet moments, I marvel at what you’ve entrusted to me. But today is not a quiet moment. Today I am feeling the chaos of to-do lists, detailed emails, articles to type, jobs to quote, family to attend to. I’m not able to make myself present to you. Would you, in your grace, dear Lord, make yourself present to me? Calm my flighty heart and speak peace to my whirling thoughts. Speak to the little fear, and give me greater love. Let me attend to you as you tend me and embrace your quiet and compassionate presence so that the works of my hands would be strengthened to do your will. Amen.

all things new

I suffer from stage fright. I have for as long as I can remember–well, at least back to my days of violin lessons. One of the objectives of Suzuki method is to get children used to performing by frequent recitals starting at young ages. Since I started at age 9, maybe it was already too late for me. Playing in groups was fine, quartets, great, no problem. Duets…well, uncomfortable. But solo, even with accompaniment, was difficult. As I’ve gotten older, it’s only gotten harder, probably simply because the opportunities are not as great.

This past Sunday I served on our music team at church. This is not unusual; I serve as a vocalist every 4-8 weeks. I enjoy it immensely. I love to harmonize and see myself more as a vocal instrumentalist than a song leader. I don’t think this is how our worship leader has seen me. The past few times I’ve served, he has designated that I should sing X part on X song and asked me to work out with the other female vocalist who will lead a given song. I have always practiced my part and deferred to the other female vocalist. Then came the email for last Sunday. First off, I was the only experienced female on the team. The other woman is completely new. I knew I was going to have to take more of a front seat singing.  Next, there were 3 brand new songs–lots to learn and become competent on. Then came the note attached to the brand new song, “All Things New: “Lisa, I would like you to take the lead on this song.” Bam. Bye-bye peace of mind, hello turmoil.

I applied myself to learning the new music, and Nicol Sponberg’s song especially. All Things New turned out to be an unexpected gift to my preparations. The chorus goes:

So we watch and we wait and we hope and we pray
You will come and make all things new
And we won’t be afraid as we long for the day
You will come and make all things new
Come and make all things new*

As I practiced it began to dawn on me that stage fright is not something God wants me suffer from. I certainly have a lot of responsibility in this area–I need to prepare my voice, learn the music, be able to sing my part when other voices and instruments are assaulting my ears. Then what? I need to rest in the preparations that have been made and ask God to deal with the unnecessary anxiety.

On Sunday, I warmed up my voice, listened to the new music again, drank decaffeinated tea with lemon and honey and prayed “Lord, I’ve done all I can. Please honor my preparations.” During the service, the Lord brought together how I had prepared, His truth about who I am and how pleasing my sacrifice of praise is to Him, and his gracious presence.

At the offertory, I began singing “All Things New.” After a nerve-wracking start (those first two phrases are low!), the truth of Nicol’s words connected with the Lord’s presence within me. Suddenly I had confidence–confidence made possible by my preparations, but coming from Christ’s glorious presence causing me to proclaim the truth of who he is in the offertory song.

Gracious God, thank you for making ME new today. Thank you that your mercies are new every morning. Let me continually seek the newness of your abundant life in this twisted life here on earth, even as it is perfectly manifested in heaven. Amen.

*