Spiritual direction and companioning

What is spiritual direction or spiritual companioning?

Spiritual direction is a ministry of presence: becoming more aware of God’s presence in your own life and in the lives of those around you. As you seek God in the circumstances of your everyday life, you meet regularly with your director who prays for you, listens to you, asks questions and makes observations helping you to hear God for yourself.

What’s the difference between direction and companioning?

Many people use the terms spiritual direction and spiritual companioning interchangably, but I find younger people tend to prefer the term “direction.” They have heard all their lives the question “what do you think?” and sometimes need something stated plainly in order to grapple with it. For people my own age and older, we aren’t looking for someone to be “over” us; we want the sense of someone walking alongside us. We need and want to make our own discoveries about God or desire simple affirmation of our own spiritual intuitions. For some the word “direction” is a hangup and “companion” describes better the sense of someone accompanying you on your journey, but either can be an appropriate label for something that’s rather hard to explain!

Why should I seek spiritual direction/companioning?

Often there is a change in someone’s life that leads them to seek spiritual direction. These changes include:

  • A crisis or life-change—such as a family death, divorce, job change, unemployment, dissatisfaction with life—that causes you to question your current relationship with God,
  • A sense of being called to a new place in your relationship with God,
  • A stale or dry relationship with God,
  • A desire for “more of You, less of me,”
  • A desire to experiment with different forms of prayer.

Of course, it’s completely possible you may not need or desire spiritual direction! Like any spiritual discipline, some are called to it as a regular practice, some are called for a season, and for some it holds no appeal or help.

Do you provide healing prayer?

Yes. I spent many years as a prayer minister at Church of the Resurrection and currently serve as one at Light of Christ here in Kenosha. I find Immanuel Prayer is an excellent healing prayer approach in the spiritual direction setting; it is simply a more intentional way of letting God be the spiritual director rather than me!

If this sounds more intimidating to you than spiritual direction itself don’t worry–it’s optional.

How can I receive spiritual direction?

I am available for spiritual direction and companioning and am happy to simply meet with you and discuss whether it’s a good fit for you, either in person or over the phone. Please fill out the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss it.

If you don’t live in southeastern Wisconsin/northern Illinois and are interested in direction, still do feel free to contact me. We may be able to arrange for direction over the phone, via Skype or GChat. Sacramentalists who prefer to meet with someone in person, can search for a director with the Spiritual Directors International “Seek & Find” tool, or contact the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation and ask about their alumni.


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